The Museum

On entering the Museum visitors are greeted by both air and ground crews, along with the workhorse of those times, a 1942 Jeep.

WW2 Jeep on display

Thurleigh Museum was opened on the 27th July 2002 by Dr Jonathan Palmer of Bedford Autodrome who donated the building.

The museum's opening was a great occasion for all involved and the many guests that attended. To complete the event Sally B, the only airworthy B-17 in the UK performed a 20 minute air show above the museum to the amazement of the emotional observers.

The building itself is of interest being one of the few remaining on the original airfield built during World War 2.

A large collection of artifacts has been assembled to re-create the activities and atmosphere of the airfield and surrounding area during the war years.

WW2 Jeep on display

The wartime home is featured along with a section on the war in the countryside.

To help recapture the sights, sounds and the atmosphere of the war years, audio and visual systems have been installed resembling those sounds of 60 years ago.

WW2 Jeep on display

Unique to this type of Museum, there is a small area set aside for quiet reflection, containing a Remembrance Book to all the young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.